Thursday, July 7, 2016

Moving out, in, and onward...

Holy cow I don't even know where to begin... so I'll begin where I left off.

Last Friday, we moved out. The movers that were estimated to take 4-5 hours took 10.5, largely due to the fact that Eric and I had only managed to pack maybe 8 boxes ourselves with his work in peak season and my new job (which is amazing) taking up all my available brain cells. So, a very long day (and a workday none the less) we moved EVERYTHING out of the old house save a few items stashed in the twins' bathtub and the laundry room for "safe" keeping... and into a lovely home where we're renting two bedrooms from a fabulous lady here in our neighborhood.

So, we slept here one quick night and then hauled off to the coast for the long weekend... we hiked on the bay at Ledbetter Point, taught the kids how to shoot off Roman candles on the beach (it's cool, we were in Washington), and had some sparkler fun.

Back in town, now we're seeing BIG progress on the interior existing structure of the house, truly every day. It seems the crew have shifted focus from the addition work in an effort to speed through some of the heavy demolition and get old floors out and new floors in so we can move back in a couple weeks.

Yesterday they tore up all the flooring.

I popped over to check it out and saw one disturbing thing... there appears to be some water damage in what was our bedroom and will become the boys' room. Fingers crossed it's nothing major.

Today, they demo'd the kitchen. I'll pop by for photos in the next day or so. For tonight, I'll leave you with this pretty sunset snap I grabbed on Long Beach last weekend. Hope you had a safe and happy 4th!


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