Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moving in... what have we gotten ourselves into?

Friday, we moved out of the lovely house we'd been renting rooms in from our wonderful neighbor... and back into our house. Right smack into the middle of something straight out of the HGTV channel. All drywall dust and unfinished business.

The heavy demolition has been completed. The floors have been laid in the main house and they are lovely:

We sent the boys to Papa's house so we could tidy up the place and make them some semblance of normalcy to return to. Dad rebuilt an insanely complex (even for IKEA) bunk bed and I unpacked their room and made it cozy and bright.

That night, the dust was so bad in here that I slept in a painter's mask:

So the next morning, I picked up some air purifiers. One for each bedroom and a borrowed BIG one for the main living space. They are all working overtime, but it has helped incredibly.

So, the here's the current state breakdown:

The addition has been plumbed and is awaiting windows and a roof before the wall can be cut through to the existing structure.

Floors are in the existing structure (not in the addition)

Walls have been knocked down in the existing structure and framed in - including the removal of two closets to gain kitchen square footage.

Wall knocked down and new closet framed in what was the boys' room.

Our future kitchen is plumbed, but literally nothing else has gone back into it. See for yourself the gaping hole where a kitchen once stood:

The kitchen, currently. 

So, yeah.

My best friend started us a meal train if you feel like feeding us over the next 4-6 weeks :) I'll let you see my un-kitchen!

So, we've got a fridge in the garage and have gotten creative with the bathroom sinks. Grateful that we have clean running water and a roof over our heads. I keep telling myself this will all have been worth it. I told myself that when I threw my back out swinging a mattress on to a bunkbed. I told myself that when the movers broke our TV. I told myself that when I couldn't shower for three days because the hot water heater couldn't be used... and I'll tell myself again tonight. Grateful that we're getting to make our home just right for our little family. Grateful that the location is where we want to live among wonderful neighbors.

Right now, we're in the thick of it, folks.

But gratefully so...


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