Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2/4th of Longbines down...

Today was the day.

I hopped out of the house early for important work meetings... after my first, I see texts from the Hubs saying his back was causing him so much pain that he'd become stranded at a meeting and couldn't drive. A colleague helped him to urgent care where he collapsed in the parking lot and had to be hauled into a wheel chair by a Good Samaritan.

After meeting 2, I sped out to get pain meds and then to pick him up from urgent care and get him home and settled. Then back to work.

THEN home to get Easton for a last minute dental emergency. He'd woken in the night crying in pain. I gave him Motrin in the morning and crossed my fingers that he could make it to our 4:30 appointment.

Luckily, Eric's prognosis isn't as serious as we'd feared. He should be back up in a couple of days. As for Easton, no major dental issues. The theory is that he's been grinding his little teefers while he sleeps causing jaw ache. Totally normal for his age and we walked away with tips to help.

Easton also found himself a new lady love and now has a new future aspiration: to become a dentist.

This too shall pass...


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