Friday, May 20, 2016

Wall to Wall Walls

Framing is almost done on the addition and it's really coming along. I can tell they're getting serious because they brought in a HoneyBucket.

The walls are up, the subfloor is complete, and they're framing out doors and windows. Take a looksie:


As a wife, mother of two, and career woman... one might assume I'd have at least begun to settle into my impending adulthood. Not the case.

I've never felt more like a grown-up... or at least like I'm pretending pretty well... than I do under construction. There's also the whole getting laid off from my job after more than 11 years thing.

Here's a list of some of the most adulty things I've done this month:

1. Shopped for and bought a bathtub, toilet, and kitchen sink

2. Made resume/interviewed for jobs
3. Turned 37
4. Got a severance package
5. Got a job offer
6. Took a family vacation to Disneyland
7. Bought appliances for the new kitchen
8. Registered the twins for Kindergarten
9. Got a massage
10. Bought my Mom a set of tires
11. Mowed the lawn

but the MOST adulty thing I've done this month is...



wait for it...

12. Had a conversation with the framer on our project where he said his "wood was hard" WITHOUT laughing! Not one giggle. I know, it's a miracle. I'm SUPER adult.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Frame Game

It's happening!

Little by little.

The framers have had to pause around plumbing work. There's a 10 ft hole that we've coined "The pit of despair". They're digging down to connect the sewer. This is glamorous stuff here, people. Glamorous stuff.

But, the subfloor is going down! Then they'll frame the walls.

It's all happening.