Friday, May 20, 2016


As a wife, mother of two, and career woman... one might assume I'd have at least begun to settle into my impending adulthood. Not the case.

I've never felt more like a grown-up... or at least like I'm pretending pretty well... than I do under construction. There's also the whole getting laid off from my job after more than 11 years thing.

Here's a list of some of the most adulty things I've done this month:

1. Shopped for and bought a bathtub, toilet, and kitchen sink

2. Made resume/interviewed for jobs
3. Turned 37
4. Got a severance package
5. Got a job offer
6. Took a family vacation to Disneyland
7. Bought appliances for the new kitchen
8. Registered the twins for Kindergarten
9. Got a massage
10. Bought my Mom a set of tires
11. Mowed the lawn

but the MOST adulty thing I've done this month is...



wait for it...

12. Had a conversation with the framer on our project where he said his "wood was hard" WITHOUT laughing! Not one giggle. I know, it's a miracle. I'm SUPER adult.

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