Friday, April 22, 2016

Bugs!!!!!!!! (Alternate title is just a bunch of swear words)

So we woke up Wednesday morning, all around the same time... and groggily made our way out to the living room together. I looked out over the living room floor and something didn't look right. I blinked my tired eyes a few times to try and compute what I saw. You know when something is so out of context it take a minute to get your brain to catch up? So yeah. It was ants. No less than a thousand of them. Absolutely covering the floor. Our normally tan cork floor was a sea of black.

I mean, there is a hole in our living room wall at the moment so I couldn't say we were shocked - but there were SO MANY ANTS!

I'd been meaning to get an exterminator out here anyway, so this was just the motivation I needed to check that off my to-do list.

So, I took the kids to school and got one of those jugs of bug killer that's so big it has a gun on a hose... threw it over my shoulder like a ghost busting proton pack and went nuts on the house. They weren't just isolated to the living room. I'll spare the rest of the details, but let's just say many many deaths occurred at my hands.

At the end of the day, I walked out to offer a cold drink to the day's foreman and saw some of the trenches he'd dug for the new plumbing. In one of them, deep down... I saw the source of all evil. The hell-mouth of the dark sugar ant dimension.

Thursday morning, we hired housecleaners to come at 9am and "deep clean" floors and surfaces. At 1pm, the exterminator came. Not the eco-friendly "pest control" folks we've used in the past. This company is called The Killers. They take no prisoners. We had to leave the premises for a couple hours. He found "quite a lot" of spiders including two poisonous species (two hobo-spider nest in our front yard where the kids play), a wasp nest, and several ant colonies. He was so thorough. He did the garage, the entire property, eves, the roof... the crawl space... he's a modern-day hero.

Haven't seen a single bug since. The Killers will come once a month and as needed between now and when we're done stirring up the earth. This is the stuff people don't tell you before you undertake a project like this.

So. Many. Bugs.



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