Sunday, April 24, 2016

An Exit Strategy

Yesterday, the crew started in on framing our foundation for the addition.

They were pounding on the wall where my husband and I were sleeping. Then they punched a hole in the living room wall where the existing structure meets the slab. There were three bees in the living room before I'd finished my morning coffee.

I know what you're thinking... and I know, these are small inconveniences compared to what's to come with this project. We've only just begun and all that... but I was feeling the mounting stress all the same. The stress of other things. Things changing at work that has me seeking new opportunities after 11 wonderful years with the company I've loved beyond measure. The excitement and anticipation (and what to wear/say/prepare) for upcoming interviews at a few potential suitor companies. Worry over the financial implications of a career move in the midst of such a massive project. The need to pick flooring, appliances, fixtures... and more on a list that continues to grow; meanwhile I'm painfully aware of my own lack of aptitude in choosing things like doorknobs and subfloors. My to-do list is a mile long in the Mommy department too. Finish the kindergarten registration packets and get them turned in (by a week ago), get the boys in for their dental checkup, find a new swim teacher or move on to something else like karate or gymnastics, send thank you cards from their birthday parties, buy them new shoes because they've outgrown every pair again, work on phonics together, get X signed up for physical therapy for his hips... you get the gist.

It would be easy to let it all bury me.

But thanks to friends and other blogs out there, I knew the implications of living through renovation and planned an exit strategy. The twins have been saving up their money for more than a year for Disneyland. I was waiting for them to be 40" tall so they can ride Space Mountain just incase they've inherited my love for rollercoasters. So, we're going in May. The week the building crew demos our kitchen.

That will be fun, but it's not enough. I see that now. My exit strategy needs to include regular escapes. Some as simple as a hike nearby. Last weekend, it was a day riding around on a motorcycle. Some like this weekend were I looked at the Hubby and said, let's go to the beach... like now! And that's just what we did. There's something so cathartic about the simple act of driving away. Putting physical distance between myself and home. Last night, we went to FunLand and played arcade games for hours. Today, a hike to the lighthouse and naps for all of us. I feel my responsibilities losing their ability to cause anxiety. I feel my shoulders un-tensing hour by hour.

Life is all about balance. When the heavy is extra heavy, the light needs to get lighter.

Off to hit the trails!


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